A local firm are to continue to support local causes as they enter their tenth year in 2017.

East Yorkshire Shutters also knowns as EYS were formed in 2007 and have grown as a business becoming the region’s biggest suppliers in shutters and industrial doors.

The Hull business specialise in the installation and maintenance of shutters including industrial doors.

In recent years, EYS have helped a number of local charities and causes from amateur rugby league clubs to disabled sport athletes. James Puplett, Managing Director at East Yorkshire Shutters, said: “As a business we have always wanted to help as many local causes as we can. We’ve grown rapidly as a business throughout the ten years and that has enabled us to support many charities and athletes in Hull.

“It’s great to see the smiles on people’s faces that we are helping, we receive many emails asking to support charities and even sports clubs. Here are some that we have helped Myton Warriors RLFC, Hull Wyke RLFC, Disability Sports Humberside, local powerchair footballer Kai Gill plus many more.”

A Hull amateur rugby league club contacted EYS for advice on how they can protect their facilities after a break in. In true EYS fashion the company donated shutters to stop any further criminal damage or property stolen from the club.

East Yorkshire Shutters operate up and down the country providing high quality physical security products from roller shutters, industrial and garage doors, steel fire exit doors and security grilles. The business works closely with each client offering each a full customer service package enabling them to continue to lead a national reputation for quality and price.

This year the Hull family firm began to expand their engineering team who work all across England installing shutters and industrial doors. After, a period of recruiting EYS recruited young passionate school leavers who had a dream to pursue a career in engineering.

“We have a great team of engineers who including our office staff have continued to build the reputation that this company has. This year we recruited four young lads on apprenticeships, who have a passion to pursue a career in engineering. We want to continue to do this by working closely with engineering courses at colleges to use EYS as a stepping stone to allow those begin their career in engineering.”