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    EYS provides fire shutters with a rating of 1 hour, 2 hour and 4 hour.

    Fire Shutters are a increasingly popular option and offer fire protection at up to four hours greater than would be the case for a standard door or shutter. They can be used to partician off and protect a particular part of a building.

    There are three main methods of automatic operation. A fusible link involves the use of solder as connection in the circuit: heat radiated from a nearby fire causes the solder to melt and this activates the motor to trip into neutral allowing the shutter to come down at a controlled speed.

    A fire relay means that the shutter or door is connected to the fire alarm system: when the alarm is sounded, the shutter or door activates. Finally, a delayed Audio/Visual Warning used in connection with the Shutter is connected to the alarm system, and operates usually with a time delay very similarly to a fire relay. During this delay an additional alarm is sounded, warning those in close proximity to the door that is about to close, thus allowing them to exit the affected area.

    Fire Shutters help many businesses to ensure that they protect their goods, buildings and employees from the threat of fire by offering potentially significant delays to the spread of fire.

    If you are a business owner and take the security and safety of your business, premises and staff seriously, you may be surprised to know that every year many businesses are forced to close as insurance companies often refuse to meet claims because building regulations and Loss Prevention Council requirements have not been met in relation to fire spread.

    Building regulations require that openings in fire resisting walls or partitions must have a door with an equivalent fire rating to that of the wall or partition.

    Option 1 – Fire panel with 24 volt activation & single alarm, driven down by mains power supply

    Option 2 – As Option 1 but including a UPS power supply for use in the event of mains power failure

    Option 3 – Audio/Visual panel, delay & split level drop & a 24 volt brake release gravity fail safe system in the event of mains power failure