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    Have You Ever Suffered From These problems?!!

    Arriving home, you know it will be raining, you have to get out of your car with your keys to unlock the garage door.. It’s too easy to park too close to out swinging traditional door, which means you have to reposition the car to allow the garage door to open, whilst still getting wet..

    Having manoeuvred your car gently into the garage, ensuring you don’t damage your wing mirrors on the old rotten protruding garage door frame, you have to lock the garage door from the outside even if you have an integral connecting door,

    “There Is A Better Way”
    EYS made to measure steel roller garage doors give space saving vertical operation which releases much needed storage space in the garage roof area and enables you to park as close as possible to the door when closed. Additional width is also achieved as there is no need for an intrusive frame.

    EYS garage doors are fully automated, opening at the push of a button from the warmth and safety of your vehicle.

    EYS roller garage doors can be installed internally or externally giving exceptional flexibility of design.

    High Security Steel Roller Shutter Specification:

    • Manufactured from 20 gauge galvanised steel lath giving outstanding security
    • Choice of any RAL colour powder coating
    • Reinforced bottom section for additional strength comes with bottom seal
    • Optional full box cover concealing the rolling mechanism are available
    • Garog tubular motor drive unit complete with manual override facility in case of power failure
    • Remote receiver unit with high security rolling code key lock system
    • Choice of safety devices
    • Security locking system ensuring the garage door is locked when in the closed position.

    EYS also provide another option of insulated garage doors which are manufactured from foam filled aluminium lath, available in standard colours and wood effect foil finish. Blending the convenience of operation with smooth vertical opening and having the benefits of insulation along with providing security, these garage doors provide the perfect solution and enhance your property. A vehicle can be parked within 50mm of the door without disrupting operation. Manufactured using the highest quality components.

    Insulated Roller Shutter Specification:

    Recent survey results showed security is the most important factor when buying a garage door. This came as no surprise since the garage is a key target for thieves and can even provide an access point to the entire home.

    With this in mind our suppliers sat down to create the perfectly secure door. They knew it also needed to be stylish and bespoke, with a wide choice of colours and sizes to meet diverse requirements of domestic garages.

    Reliability was also a priority, and one which can only be achieved through years of experience, a high level of technical expertise and unrivalled build quality.

    This resulted in Secureroll remote control garage doors; barriers designed to protect one of the most vulnerable parts of the home. Each door is made to order in the UK using the highest specification components.

    They ensure owners can enjoy years of problems-free use. All doors are fully insulated with remote control operation and state-of-the-art safety and security features as standard.

    Secureroll products are CE marked in accordance with European guidelines and quality assured to ISO 9001:2015. A comprehensive 5 year product guarantee provides peace of mind that your door will stand the test of time.

    • Manufactured from twin walled aluminium with advanced polyurethane foam core, providing effective heat and sound insulation.
    • High security extruded aluminium guide channels protect the door curtain from lateral attack.
    • The bottom slat is manufactured from tough extruded aluminium, with a built-in intelligent safety edge system. Sensors can detect an obstruction and communicate this to the control panel which in turn automatically retracts  the door. A flexible rubber weather strip minimises rain entering the garage.
    • The strong steel barrel is connected to the curtain via a patented anti-lift locking system. This prevents the curtain from being forcibly opened from below.
    • An integrated brake is fitted to the end plate. This prevents the door from dropping in the event of motor failure and ensures compliance with safety legislation.
    • Secureroll motors are sourced from market-leading home automation brands Somfy and NRG to ensure longevity.
    • The integrated LED light strip will automatically switch on during operation.
    • A built-in shock sensor triggers a 98db alarm if an attempt is made to force open the door (wireless safety edge system only).
    • Simply press a button and drive straight in. Supplied with two four button key fobs as standard.
    • A simple winding handle allows you to open and close the door in the event of power failure.
    • Available in a wide range of colours.